About Kanary Solutions

Who we are

We are a full service sourcing company that helps e-commerce brands produce products in China. Collectively we have 50 years of experience in a number of industries including, but not limited to:

Beauty and Skincare

moisturizers, anti-aging serum, retinol, foam cleansers

Hair Care

hair growth, shampoos, conditioners, serums

Health and Fem Tech

menstrual products, IPL hair removal, red light therapy devices

Pet Products

pet furniture, toys, safety products, accessories

Consumer Electronics

beauty tech, sleep tech, kitchen gadgets, stationary products


shoes, insoles, menstrual protective clothing, compression socks, etc.

What we do

Our areas of expertise are white labeling, creating custom products, improving product quality, fixing product issues (bottle leakage, battery overheating, etc.), reducing cost, reducing lead time, identifying new products to increase AOV, improve cash-flow management, optimizing fulfillment, etc. The most common projects we take on are:

Reducing  Costs

working with a shipping agent or trade company and need to work with an actual manufacturer to lower cost

Fixing product issues

battery quality issues, bottle leakage issues, any high defect rate product issues

White labeling products

helping a dropshipping company transition to an actual brand

Develop & creatE new products

helping a business create a prototype or proprietary formula

How it Works

Supplier Hub

  • During this conversation, we discuss sourcing goals in terms of price, timeline, etc. Understand the client’s “must-haves” and pain points.


  • Once the manufacturing step is complete, we organize and execute secure shipping. This includes facilitating sea or air freight shipments, providing HTS code research, coordinating customs clearance, and scheduling local deliveries to the final destination.


  • Finally, we will provide support as you launch your new product into the market. We know a lot of questions will come along the way, we’re here to help. We have partners ranging in specializations from branding and marketing to fulfillment centers. Anything you might need, we’ve got a solution for you.

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