What types of products do you source?

We source many types of products across a wide range of industries, including but not limited to:
  • Packaging (e.g., plastic bag packing, glass containers, box packaging)
  • Machinery (e.g., vertical weighing and packing machines, shrink wrap machines, chocolate enrobing machine, flow wrap machines)
  • Consumer electronics
  • Agriculture (e.g., greenhouses, plastics)
  • Construction (e.g., flooring, artificial grass)
  • Apparel
  • Healthcare (e.g., masks, hand sanitizer dispensers)

I buy things from China, but it’s through an intermediary (e.g., trade company, distributor), do you think you can find that product for me at a cheaper price?

Most of the time yes and a majority of the time we’re able to procure the product cheaper for our clients.

How much do you typically save your clients?

Roughly a minimum of 20% on average, though the exact number depends on the industry and product, as well as quantity ordered.

How can we trust the quality of the product?

Unless it’s an existing supplier we have vetted in the past, one of us will personally go to the manufacturer to perform due diligence. We will make sure the factory has quality equipment and a skilled work force. Unless it’s logistically prohibitory (e.g, large machinery), we will always provide product samples before making purchase decisions. This way you are able to examine the quality yourselves. In our years of experience, very rarely, if ever, have we had quality issues after the client has gone through the sampling process.

What types of clients do you work with?

We typically work with medium sized companies or small companies that are growing rapidly.

If you primarily work with medium-sized companies, does this mean you have a high minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

We mostly work with medium-sized companies because they are the ones who are typically seeking out ways to streamline their supply chain. So no, we do not have a set criterion of MOQ because every product order is different. For example, MOQs for farming equipment will be different than MOQs for clothing or packaging. Other factors that impact MOQs are supplier-side variables. This includes the time of year products are ordered, which supplier is providing the quote, and how available a specific supplier is for new orders.

Part of the service we provide is reaching out to multiple suppliers, negotiating favorable MOQs, and determining which supplier will best be able to meet our clients' needs

How do you do your research and due diligence on your suppliers in China?

For a number of industries (e.g. packaging, machinery, farming equipment, consumer electronics) we have longstanding relationships with a wide variety of suppliers who have produced high quality products for our clients in the past and ongoing. For new products our due diligence starts with us talking to 15-20 suppliers in that specific industry, collecting information from all of them, and comparing and contrasting information received. We receive samples from the top suppliers we plan to work with and we typically visit the factories directly for the final selection. After going through this process, we rarely receive complaints from our clients.

Do you handle logistics?

Yes, collectively we have over two decades of experience handling logistics. We can facilitate air freight, sea freight, ground transportation in China and the US, as well as customs clearance. We can handle logistics door to door or coordinate with your in-house logistics partners.

I’m thinking about sourcing from China, but I’m not sure what type of help/service I need or if you guys can help.

We hear you – There are many steps in the sourcing process and often times clients don’t really know what they need help with or what could be done to further cut their cost. We would be happy to have a chat with you to see how we can help you source products and reduce costs.


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