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Pet Toys

Pet toys are constantly in demand, but selling high-quality, trustworthy toys is what sets your brand apart. Kanary can connect you with a factory that can make a product your customers will love, and we can even help you find a supplier capable of working alongside you to develop a prototype (and we still offer white and private label services).

Kanary Can Source Any Pet Toy

Don't see quite what you're looking for? Don't worry! Kanary can source any pet toy, whether that means finding a niche supplier who specializes in what you're looking for, or finding a supplier that can help you develop a novel prototype. Fill out our contact form, and we'll get started in sourcing exactly what you need!

Custom Pet Toys
Any toy with a novel design, either a customized product or an entirely new one. Kanary helps facilitate the development process, including finding the right factory and facilitating communication.
Sustainable Pet Toys
Toys for any kind of pet made from sustainable materials and eco-friendly processes. Sustainability and safety of materials are certified.
Cat Scratcher Toys
Cat toys intended to encourage scratching. Available in multiple materials and can be standalone or additional features to other products.
Cat Laser Pointers
Laser pointers intended for play with cats. Available in multiple sizes, with white label and customizations services available.
Tennis Ball Toys
Tennis ball toys for dogs, available in a variety of colors and designs. Branding services available to customize tennis ball appearance.
Cat Pole Toys
Cat pole toys, designed to encourage chase and provide stimulation. Available in manual or automatic designs, with multiple features and colors available.
Hide and Seek Cat Toys
Hide and seek toys for cats, either manual or automatic. Generic toys available, with customization or full prototyping services optional.
Chew Toys for Rats
Chew toys for rats, including safe woods, hay, and other appropriate materials. Multiple designs available, all of which are certified safe for rats.
Teeth Cleaning Toys for Dogs
Toys designed to help clean teeth, available in a variety of sizes to fit multiple dog breeds. Available in a variety of materials, all certified safe.
Cat Exercise Balls
Exercise balls for cats to encourage play and movement. Available in multiple sizes and colors, with multiple generic or customized features available.
Dog Squeak Toys
Dog squeak toys in a variety of designs and styles. Customizations and prototype coverings available, with all materials certified safe.
Fetch Toys
Fetch toys for dogs in generic or custom designs and sizes. Certified safe materials and branding services available.
Electric Cat Toys
Electric cat toys with automatic movement, including chase toys, laser toys, and moving rods. Generic toys, customizations, and prototyping available.
Sustainable Dog Toys
Dog toys produced from sustainable materials for eco-friendly customers, available for multiple toy types. Sustainable and safety certifications available.
Guinea Pig Toys
Toys certified safe for guinea pigs, including chew toys, roaming balls, and more. Generic products for white labeling available, as well as customizations.
Cat Treat Toys
Cat treat toys, designed to encourage play and promote stimulation. Available in custom or generic designs, including prototypes.
Dog Treat Toys
Toys designed to hide treats, encouraging play and exploration. Available in multiple designs, with customizations and prototyping available.
Parrot Stands
Parrot stands, including for in-cage and out-of-cage perching. Available in multiple materials and designs, including customizations.
Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers
Chew toys specifically built to withstand aggressive chewers, available in multiple colors and designs. Certified safe for aggressive chewers.
Dog Rope Toys
Dog rope toys in multiple materials, including chew-safe nylon. Multiple colors and designs available, with all products certified safe for dogs.
Rabbit Chew Toys
Certified-safe rabbit chew toys, including treat toys, braided hay toys, hay tunnels and mats, and more. Available in multiple designs and sizes.
Interactive Cat Toys
Interactive cat toys to encourage play and chase, including wand toys, and movement toys. Generic products, customizations, and prototyping available.
Cat Pillows
Cat pillows to help cats feel calm, comfortable, and safe. Available in multiple material types, designs, and styles.
Interactive Dog Toys
Interactive dog toys to encourage play, including automatic rolling balls. Multiple product designs available, along with branding services and prototyping.
Catnip Toys
Catnip toys, certified safe, in a variety of designs. Generic designs available for white label operations (with branding services available), with prototyping also available.
Hamster Tubes
Hamster tubes for multiple colors and designs for hamster habitats and mazes. Generic products available, with customization services offered as needed.
Wholesale Bird Toys
Wholesale bird toys, including parrot stands, mineral toys, swings, and more. Branding services available for white label, along with customizations and prototyping as needed.
Wholesale Rabbit Toys
Wholesale rabbit toys certified safe, including safe chew toys, wicker toys, treat toys, and more. White label, customization, and prototyping services available.
Wholesale Cat Toys
Wholesale cat toys to fit your business needs, including cat nip toys, electronic toys, and more. White label services available, along with customizations and prototyping as needed.
Wholesale Dog Toys
Wholesale dog toys of any kind, including chewing toys, interactive toys, and more. White label services available, as well as customizations and prototyping.

Sourcing Pet Toys: Step-by-Step


Confirm Product Needs

The product niche of pet toys is extremely large, so Kanary makes sure we know exactly what you need and why. We may also make specific recommendations to you, like material options, packaging, or additional products that may partner well with what you need. Once we have a firm plan of exactly what we will source, we begin the supplier search.


Pet Toy Supplier Search

When Kanary begins our supplier search, we start with 30-50 potential factory selections. Then, we narrow down choices based on how well those options fit your needs, including pricing, lead times, production capacity, experience, and general quality. When we've narrowed down the choices to around 3-5, our team begins a more thorough vetting process.


Sampling and Supplier Selection

Samples are crucial to vetting a pet toy supplier, so Kanary takes time to order, schedule, and evaluate samples with clients. We also perform in-person factory inspections, confirm quality control in place, and we make sure that the factory can produce pet toys with certifications to ensure that the toys are safe for your pets. When our vetting is complete, we consult with clients to make the best factory selection.


Mass Production

When mass production begins, Kanary continues to manage the sourcing process. We stay in contact with factory managers, quickly responding to production issues as they arise. Our team enforces quality control protocols, and we make sure to store products safely as they are completed until your entire order is complete.


Sea Freight Shipping and Clearing Customs

During production, Kanary books shipping containers and sea freight shipping on your behalf. We also supervise shipping once orders are in route, and our team tells you what paperwork to have prepared for clearing customs. Kanary remains available to help navigate customs delays as they arise, and we connect you with domestic freight partners once products clear customs.


Final Delivery

Kanary monitors delivery of your pet toys until they reach their final destination. If there are any issues with your order, we continue to act as a liaison between you and the factory to resolve any problems that may be present.

Want to Source Pet Toys? Contact Kanary

Kanary has helped dozens of businesses source products like pet toys, and we would love to partner with you. To get in touch, fill out our online form, and our team of experts will get started on creating a sourcing plan that is perfect for your business.

Words from our clients

I’ve been in this industry for a long time and I was surprised that Kanary was able to help find us machines for a 1/3 of the cost compared with US and European manufacturers. What I really enjoy with Kanary is that they constantly keep me in the loop and get back to me almost instantaneously. What’s also great is that they kept me in the loop with the shipping, customs clearance, delivery, and also arrange travels for engineers from the factory to install our equipment.  The quality has been outstanding and I’m in the process of building out a new facility with them.
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I’ve been in the construction industry for over 30 years. We’ve always bought from US distributors. I reached out to Kanary out of curiosity to see if we could find similar construction materials of high quality. I did not think they were going to make much progress and so I was shocked when they found the exact manufacturer that my distributors have been buying from within 2 weeks. They were able to make contact and have the factory send me samples within a week.  By connecting directly with the factory, we’re looking at savings of over 30%.
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We’ve done quite a few different packaging projects with Kanary in the past (Child-resistant packaging, glass jars, plastic bags, shipper boxes, etc.). We sent AI files to Kanary, who then worked directly with the factory's design team to make prototypes of the packaging. Our in-house designer is very particular about our designs and Kanary was really flexible and worked with us when our designers wanted to make changes in the packaging development process. They were able to manufacture different prototypes at different price points, which gave us options when making our final decision.
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Pet Toys FAQs

How do you buy pet toys wholesale from a manufacturer?

Buying wholesale pet toys directly from a manufacturer is a great way to get the best price on products, but it's easier said than done. While these steps will vary depending on what product you're sourcing (as well as how you are delivering products to a supplier), here are some general steps you can follow on how to buy wholesale pet products:

  • Find a supplier: You have to find a supplier before you can buy anything! You can find suppliers on platforms like Alibaba, or you can partner with a specialist (like Kanary), to help you find a supplier you can trust. 
  • Vet the Supplier: Next, you need to know if you can trust a supplier (which is particularly important for pet products). You'll request samples and inspect their factory operations. If you can't physically visit a factory, you should request videos and pictures. 
  • Negotiate: If your initial vetting of a supplier meets your expectations, you'll move to negotiating production terms. This includes price, but also includes lead times, minimum order quantities (MOQs), and even storage options. 

If you are familiar with finding, vetting, and negotiating with factories directly, then a sourcing specialist, like Kanary, may be an excellent resource for you.

How do you find a wholesale pet toy supplier you can trust?

While there are a lot of platforms where you can find pet toy suppliers (like Alibaba), finding a supplier you can trust is a bit of a different task. You need to be prepared to vet suppliers once you find potential options, and there's a few tips you should follow:

  • Request samples: Requesting samples is one of the most important things you can do to vet a supplier. It gives you a real-world look on their production quality, and it also allows you to see if they can follow production instructions (if you have requested customizations). 
  • Inspect factories: Reputable factories allow some measure of inspection, especially taking a look at quality control procedures in place. You should always inspect factories, if possible (and if it's not, you should at least request pictures and videos). 
  • Partner with a 3rd party: If you don't have the resources or expertise to vet suppliers yourself, you should partner with a 3rd party that offers vetting services, like Kanary.

Is it safe to buy dog toys from China?

Yes, it is safe to buy dog toys from China, as long as you have performed your due diligence in finding a factory. It's a myth that you can't trust China manufacturing at all, but there are a lot of factories that:

  • Can't communicate well, which will result in a sub-par product
  • Will try to cut quality corners if not held accountable
  • Use cheaper, less safe materials if they think they can get away with it.

If you don't think you can hold factories accountable to meet your level of expected quality, then you should partner with a sourcing specialist who can, like Kanary.

Where can you buy cat toys wholesale?

The best way to buy wholesale cat toys is to partner directly with a factory. However, finding a factory is easier said than done, and there's a few ways to find suppliers:

  • Alibaba: Alibaba is the world's largest B2B platform, so you'll find a lot of different suppliers to choose from. You should take care to vet suppliers here, since not all of them will be a good match for your business.
  • Trade shows: Trade shows are a good way to connect with specialty suppliers, though you should still take time to vet your choices before signing any kind of contract. 
  • Google searches: Most reputable suppliers will have some kind of online presence, which means you could find them through searches and contact them directly. If searching for a China factory, language barriers may present a significant challenge for your business to make initial contact. 
  • Sourcing specialists: Sourcing specialists, like Kanary, have expertise in finding suppliers for clients that are an excellent fit. If you aren't familiar with searching for, or vetting potential suppliers, partnering with a sourcing specialist is a great choice.

How do you buy wholesale pet toys from China?

Buying wholesale pet toys from China is similar to connecting with a domestic factory, though there are some unique challenges and a few extra steps to consider:

  • Find a supplier: First, you need to find supplier options, which can be done by using Alibaba, visiting trade shows, or even simple Google searches. 
  • Vet the supplier: Vetting a China factory is more challenging than a domestic one. You should physically visit the factory, if possible, to make sure that their quality control procedures are firm and that they follow best practices for manufacturing. If you can't visit in-person, consider asking for photos or videos.
  • Ask for samples: Technically part of the vetting process, but it's worth highlighting the sampling step on its own. You must ask for samples before committing to mass production, since it's the only way to see the quality of products being produced. If you are customizing products, it proves that the factory can follow your design instructions. 
  • Negotiate: Negotiation with a China factory can be a particular challenge due to language barriers. If you don't have someone bilingual in Mandarin Chinese on your staff, be sure to use simple, straightforward language during negotiations to avoid misunderstandings, if possible. 

Once you sign a contract, you can begin mass production. When your order is complete, you'll have to ship your products overseas (usually via sea freight shipping), and you'll have to make sure your order successfully passes customs. Generally, businesses new to buying large volume orders from China will partner with a sourcing agent, like Kanary, to manage the process on their behalf.

What can cause my wholesale dog or cat toys to not clear customs?

Since there aren't any specific regulations to pet products in the U.S., the most common factor that will cause custom problems is not having the appropriate paperwork. You should have the required paperwork completed well in advance of your orders arriving at customs, and you should not rely on your supplier to handle the paperwork on your behalf.

Are there specific safety regulations for importing pet toys?

There are no specific safety regulations regarding the importation of pet toys, but that doesn't mean you should willingly sell unsafe toys. Today's pet owners care deeply about their pets, and a product that proves unsafe can crater your entire brand. Most successful pet supply brands have their own internal safety measures to make sure their products are safe. 

If you aren't sure how to make products safe, you should partner with a 3rd partner that can find a trustworthy factory and a partner that can enforce quality control protocols, like Kanary.

What should I look for in a wholesale dog toy supplier?

What you look for in a wholesale dog supplier will somewhat vary depending on what specific kind of service you're looking for. If you are looking for a factory that sells products for white labeling services, you should:

  • Make sure you are speaking with a factory and not a trade company: A trade company acts as a middleman between you and a factory, unnecessarily inflating your per unit price. While trade companies aren't always bad, most businesses are looking to buy directly from factories for either the best pricing and/or for the option to customize products, which trade companies struggle with. 
  • Note how well they communicate: Suppliers that struggle with clear, straightforward communication should be avoided. You are going to talk to your factory a lot, including during the vetting steps, negotiation steps, and during production. If you struggle to talk with them at the beginning, then it will be a huge challenge when production problems emerge. 
  • Consider engineering capabilities for customizations or prototypes: Not all factories can customize products or develop prototypes. If you're interested in either of these services, you need to make sure a factory is willing to do so and what experience they have doing so. 
  • Make sure you can enforce quality control: Quality of any product is important, but it's especially true of pet toys. This is an extremely competitive product niche, and not only do your toys need to be good, they need to be safe

If you are unsure of your ability to do any of the above, you may want to consider a sourcing specialist, like Kanary, to take the reins of finding, vetting, and managing factory partners.

Do I have to use sea freight shipping if I partner with Kanary to source pet toys from China?

You do not have to use sea freight shipping. Many of our clients are ecommerce businesses and are interested in non-traditional fulfillment methods. One of the fulfillment strategies that our clients often use is direct from China fulfillment, which is managed by our trusted fulfillment partner, EcommOps

In this strategy, products are sent straight from China factories to a China fulfillment warehouse, where customer orders are fulfilled. This cuts out sea freight shipping entirely, and while the price per unit is sometimes higher, the simplicity and flexibility this strategy provides is extremely appealing. Many of our clients incorporate both China fulfillment and traditional sea freight shipping into their overall supply chain strategy.

Are catnip toys bought in bulk from China safe?

Catnip toys bought in China can be safe if sourced from a reputable supplier. Kanary specializes in making sure any product bought from China, including cat toys, are trusted and safe. If you aren't confident in your ability to vet suppliers and make sure that pet toys you order from China meet your quality expectations, we would love to connect and see how we can work for you!

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