Pet Products: Feeding Bowls

Kanary Can Source Any Pet Feeding Bowl

Pet products are going to be in demand for as long as people own pets, but consumers are growing more savvy year after year. They are demanding higher quality, safer products for their dogs, cats, and more. Kanary knows how to connect you with reputable, trustworthy suppliers that can manufacture excellent products that are safe for pets and customers will love. 

Don't see a pet feeder bowl you need sourced? Contact us! Kanary can source any product you need from China. You may need a niche supplier or a supplier that can engineer a prototype, and Kanary can connect you with both!

Attachable Feed Bowl for Rabbits and Small Mammals
Small plastic or metal feed bowls for rabbit and small mammal cages. Multiple sizes and designs available, as well as prototyping options.
Automatic Dog Waterer
Automatic dog waterer, with free-flowing water for small and large dogs. Available in standard or custom designs and can be branded as needed.
Wholesale Pet Feeding Bowls
Wholesale pet feeding bowls for any pet, in any material, and any design, straight from a factory partner.
Waterproof Silicone Feeding Mats for Dogs & Cats
Waterproof silicone feeding mats for dogs and cats, available as all-in-one designs, built-in stainless steel bowls, or standalone mats. Available in preferred color and design.
Timed Ration-Feeder Pet Bowl
Timed ration-feeder pet bowl to release food at fixed, programmed intervals. Ideal for dogs and cats and can be sourced with standard or customized designs.
Smart Automatic Pet Feeders
Automatic pet feeders with smart features, including programmable food release and app management. Can be customized to fit preference and available in multiple designs and sizes.
Silicone Cat Bowls
Silicone cat bowls, ideal for temporary or use while traveling. Available in preferred colors, sizes, and designs.
Raised Ridged Bowls for Flat Faced Pets
Raised-ridged bowls, marketed to flat-faced pets that struggle to use traditional feeding and water bowls. Available in preferred shapes, sizes, and designs.
Rabbit Stainless Steel Hay Manager
Stainless steel hay managers for rabbits, ideal for a commercial environment. Available in a variety of sizes and general designs.
Rabbit Hay Manager
Hay managers for rabbits in a variety of sizes and materials, including steel and safe-chew woods. Prototyping for unique hay managers available.
Portable Silicon Pet Bowls
Portable silicone pet bowls in all sizes and colors, as well as collapsible designs. Can be branded as needed and can be customized for unique designs.
Outdoor Pet Drinking Cup
Portable outdoor pet drinking cup, allowing pets to drink comfortably without a bowl. Available in a variety of sizes, designs, with customizations available upon request.
Non-Spill Cat Bowls
Non-spill cat bowls in materials like stainless steel or copper with rubber or silicone footing. Available in a variety of designs and sizes.
Heavy Ceramic Pet Feeding Bowls
Heavy ceramic pet feeding bowls for large animals to avoid messes and spills. Available for white label operations and can be customized with designs as needed.
Hammered Copper Pet Bowls
Hammered copper pet bowls for dogs and cats, ideal for natural hygienic properties. Available in standard or customized designs.
Feeding Bowls for Rabbits, Chinchillas, Guinea Pigs, and Small Mammals
Feeding bowls for rabbits and other small mammals. Materials include plastic and stainless steel, and are available in preferred colors and sizes.
Educational Dog Feeders
Educational feeders designed to stimulate dogs and slow feeding. Standard or customized designs available, with silicone feeders available in multiple colors.
Double Sublimation Pet Bowls
Pet bowls with double-wall construction, generally stainless steel, designed for durability and customization. Branding services available as requested.
Dishwasher Safe Pet Bowls
Dishwasher safe pet bowls for easy cleaning, available in stainless steel and silicone designs.
Customized Dog and Cat Feeding Bowls
Kanary specializes in customizing any product, including any kind of dog, cat, or pet feeding bowls. We offer branding, customization, white label, and prototyping services.
Curved Floating Pet Water Bowl
Curved floating pet water bowl designed to help pets drink slower and choke less. Available in standard and customized designs.
Collabsible Silicone Pet Bowl
Collapsible silicone pet bowls for easy packing and traveling. Available in multiple colors and sizes, and products can be branded as needed.
Choke Proof Pet Feeding Bowl
Choke-proof pet bowls for cats and dogs that struggle with eating speed. Silicone designs for slower eating can be made with standard or custom designs.
Ceramic Cat Bowls and Dog Bowls
High-quality, heavy-duty ceramic bowls for cats and dogs. Bowls can be manufactured with multiple unique designs, with more complicated customizations available.
Cat Bowls with Mats
Stainless steel or silicone feeding bowls manufactured with silicone mats for easy cleaning. Available in a variety of sizes, colors, with customized branding available.
Battery Powered Automatic Cat and Pet Feeder
Battery powered automatic feeder for cats or other free-roam pets. Ideal for travel or niche use. Available in multiple designs and styles.
Attachable Dog Bowls for Crates
Attachable plastic dog bowls for crates available in silicone, plastic, or metal designs. Multiple colors and designs available.
All-in-One Pet Feeding Mats
Silicone pet feeding mats in a single piece, containing a bowl for water and food. Multiple colors offered, with branding and customizations readily available.
3-in-1 Stainless Steel Pet Bowls
Stainless steel dog bowls for food and water, manufactured within a silicone mat. Available in multiple designs, colors, and customizations.
Silicone Dog Bowls
Silicone dog bowls for travel or crate use. Standard or collapsable designs available and can be sourced in a variety of colors.
Non-Slip Dog Bowls
Stainless steel or silicone dog bowls with non-slip bottoms, available in multiple sizes and colors. Can be branded as needed or incorporated into white labeling operations.
Tilted Cat Bowls
Tilted cat bowls to help reduce vomiting. Available in multiple designs, materials, and sizes, and can be custom-made as needed.
Gravity Pet Feeder
Gravity-fed pet feeder for cats and dogs. Available in multiple sizes and configurations and compatible with automatic or smart features.
Stainless Steel Cat Bowls
Stainless steel cat bowls available in multiple sizes and shapes. Can be made to fit white labeling operations or can be branded as needed.
Slow Feeder Bowls
Silicone Slow feeder bowls in multiple designs, shapes, and colors. Can be branded as needed and prototyping for unique designs available.
Adjustable Dog Bowls
Adjustable height dog bowls available in multiple materials, designs, and shapes. Standard designs available as well as customizations.
Stainless Steel Dog Bowls
Stainless steel dog bowls in a variety of sizes and shapes. Can be made for white label operations or can be customized as needed.
Automatic Pet Feeder
Automatic pet feeders for cats and dogs. Can be manufactured with wifi and app compatibility. Standard designs or customizations available upon request.
Pet Bowls with Mats
Pet bowls with silicone or plastic mats to reduce mess. Can be sourced in multiple colors and designs, and customizations and branding available upon request.
Automatic Cat Feeder
Automatic feeders designed specifically with cats in mind. Available in timed, automatic, or smart designs and can be customized per request.

Sourcing Pet Feeding Bowls: Step-by-Step


Kanary Confirms Specific Product Needs

We sit down with customers to make a strategy and confirm needs before we start looking for suppliers. Our experts make sure that we have your preferred specifications, and we may suggest other options or companion products. Kanary also ensures we understand your branding and graphic design needs, as well as any other needs you may have.


Pet Feeding Bowl Supplier Search

From there, Kanary begins an extensive search for suppliers. Our team starts with a list of 30-50 supplier options and narrows down those choices based on a number of different criteria. Kanary considers lead times, overall pricing, engineering capabilities, and general quality to help you find a supplier that's an excellent match.


Sampling and Supplier Vetting

When Kanary has narrowed down the supplier options to about 3-5 choices, our experts take a closer look at each option. We schedule sample deliveries, and our team consults with clients to examine samples and determine quality. Our team also inspects factories in-person, and we meet with factory managers and/or owners to see if the factory will be a good fit.


Final Supplier Choice and Mass Production

After our inspections, Kanary consults with clients to help make a final choice of the factory. Once a choice is made, our team manages mass production, making sure that quality control protocols are followed and that production problems are quickly addressed if and when they arise. This helps to ensure that products are safe for pets while also meeting your expectations of quality.


Sea Freight Shipping and Clearing Customs

When production is complete, Kanary continues to take the helm in getting your products to you. We book containers and schedule sea freight shipping, and we monitor shipments as they are delivered to customs. Our team can help navigate customs delays as they arise, but we help to gather all required paperwork to avoid any unnecessary delays.


Final Delivery

After your order clears customs, our team coordinates with domestic freight partners to get your products delivered to their final destination. For ecommerce stores, we can help make sure products get delivered to fulfillment partners successfully to where they are ready for order fulfillment.

Kanary: The Best in Pet Feeding Bowls and General Pet Products

Kanary has the factory connections to get the best pet products possible, and we also have the expertise to find brand new factories for newer or novel product types. If you want to leverage the might of Chinese manufacturing for creating high-quality pet products at excellent prices, we'd love to connect. You can fill out our online form, and our team will be in touch to get the sourcing process started.

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Words from our clients

I’ve been in this industry for a long time and I was surprised that Kanary was able to help find us machines for a 1/3 of the cost compared with US and European manufacturers. What I really enjoy with Kanary is that they constantly keep me in the loop and get back to me almost instantaneously. What’s also great is that they kept me in the loop with the shipping, customs clearance, delivery, and also arrange travels for engineers from the factory to install our equipment.  The quality has been outstanding and I’m in the process of building out a new facility with them.
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I’ve been in the construction industry for over 30 years. We’ve always bought from US distributors. I reached out to Kanary out of curiosity to see if we could find similar construction materials of high quality. I did not think they were going to make much progress and so I was shocked when they found the exact manufacturer that my distributors have been buying from within 2 weeks. They were able to make contact and have the factory send me samples within a week.  By connecting directly with the factory, we’re looking at savings of over 30%.
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We’ve done quite a few different packaging projects with Kanary in the past (Child-resistant packaging, glass jars, plastic bags, shipper boxes, etc.). We sent AI files to Kanary, who then worked directly with the factory's design team to make prototypes of the packaging. Our in-house designer is very particular about our designs and Kanary was really flexible and worked with us when our designers wanted to make changes in the packaging development process. They were able to manufacture different prototypes at different price points, which gave us options when making our final decision.
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Pet Feeding Bowls FAQs

What is the best automatic pet feeder to sell?

Knowing which design of automatic cat feeder is the best could help you decide what kind of product to source, but there isn't really an objective, clear way to determine this. It's often the case that the quality of a product like a cat feeder is less about the design and more about the quality of the manufacturer. 

There's a few things you can do to try and land on a design that may be a winning choice:

  • Market research: Take some time to determine what style of feeders are popular, common complaints about popular feeders, and how you can enter the market in the most successful way. 
  • Quality supplier: Your product is only as good as the factory making it. Take time to properly search, vet, and communicate with potential suppliers before committing to mass production. If you aren't confident in your ability to find a quality supplier, consider partnering with a sourcing specialist, like Kanary. 
  • Consider a prototype: After your market and supplier research, you may find that there's a vacuum in the market for a novel design. If so, consider looking for a supplier with the engineering capability to make a prototype and offer customers something that isn't yet available.

Why are dog bowls stainless steel?

Stainless steel dog bowls are a popular choice among customers because the bowls offer a lot of advantages at an excellent price point. Stainless steel bowls are:

  • Durable
  • Hygienic (they are nonporous, so they won't grow fungus or bacteria)
  • Easy to clean (stainless steel bowls can easily be washed with soap and water or even in the dishwasher)
  • Cost-effective (they are generally within a price point that is appealing to customers). 

As a business selling stainless steel dog bowls, the product offers a lot of advantages to you as well. Stainless steel bowls are:

  • Lightweight (which reduces your shipping costs)
  • High margins (stainless steel bowls are inexpensive to produce, providing potentially high profits if marketed correctly)
  • Durable (very unlikely products would be damaged during fulfillment).

Should I sell ceramic dog bowls or stainless steel dog bowls?

Stainless steel and ceramic dog bowls have unique pros and cons, so ideally, your business would sell both products. Here are some points to consider with each of these products. 

Stainless steel bowls are:

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Inexpensive 

Which means they're a great choice for:

  • Strong dogs
  • Large dogs

However, stainless steel bowls aren't without their flaws. They can be:

  • Loud (especially for small dogs fighting the bowls or rowdy dogs)
  • Smelly (depending on the quality of bowl, they can create an unpleasant metallic smell, especially if not cleaned regularly)

Ceramic bowls offer different advantages. They are:

  • Heavy
  • More aesthetically pleasing
  • Safe for pets

This makes them ideal for:

  • Small dogs (especially dogs that like to try to play with bowls)
  • Older dogs (especially dogs that may struggle to keep the bowl in place while eating)

Of course, ceramic bowls have obvious shortcomings, namely:

  • They will crack and break over time
  • They are generally much more expensive than stainless steel

Since each of these products offers such unique experiences for pets and pet owners, stores should consider carrying both, if possible.

Why are stainless steel dog bowls important for pet owners?

The culture of pet ownership has shifted, and owners are now more invested in making sure they provide a safe environment for their dogs. Stainless steel bowls are extremely safe, as they won't contaminate food or water, they won't grow bacteria or fungus in the material, and they are durable and long-lasting. All qualities make for a great product option for ethical dog owners.

Are stainless steel dog bowls made in China dangerous?

Any factory in any country is capable of making unsafe products, including dog bowls in China, but this is only if you choose a low-quality supplier. The fact is that China's manufacturing industry is exceptionally robust, and the options for suppliers that can make certified safe stainless steel bowls are going to be numerous. 

If you aren't confident in your ability to vet suppliers to make sure they produce safe products, you may want to enlist the help of a sourcing specialist to do so on your behalf, like Kanary.

How can I know if a dog bowl is really stainless steel if I source it from China?

The best way to be sure that a dog bowl is made of stainless steel is to:

  • Ask for samples before production begins to inspect yourself
  • Visit factories and inspect raw materials
  • Supervise production to ensure appropriate raw materials are being used

If you don't have the time or resources to monitor quality control at a China factory, enlisting a third-party to assist, like Kanary, may be helpful.  

Why are slow feeder dog bowls popular?

Pet owners have become more conscientious about their pets, and it's been a popular culture shift for pet owners to take premium care of their pets. Slow feeder dog bowls are a part of this trend, since they force dogs to eat their food more slowly. This reduces the risk of choking, slows the eating process to reduce the chance of vomiting, and makes it more fun for dogs to eat.

Are silicone dog bowls safe?

Silicone dog bowls are safe for dogs, though you shouldn't consider them as a day-to-day solution. Unlike ceramic or stainless steel bowls, silicone bowls can be torn apart by stronger, larger dogs. This means they just won't last as long, and while silicone won't make your pets sick, a torn apart bowl doesn't do much for holding food or water. 

Silicone dog bowls are ideal for occasional use, like for travel, since they're easier to pack than stainless steel or ceramic bowls.

Do tilted or anti-vomit cat bowls really work?

The answer to this question is surprisingly complex, so businesses should be wary of making specific guarantees. There's not a lot of hard evidence that says tilted cat bowls work to prevent vomiting, though vets often anecdotally say they've seen results.

The reason why the answer isn't as clear is because there are a lot of reasons a cat could be vomiting after eating. They may just eat too fast, or they may have an underlying condition that is causing them to vomit that a tilted bowl won't address. Cat owners will likely need to trial and error different solutions to really see what they can do to help their cats.

Can I trust the automatic pet feeders that my business sources from China?

Yes, as long as you choose a quality provider. There are multiple excellent factories in China that can make automatic pet feeders, but there are also several options that will leave you disappointed. If you need help making sure a supplier is one you can trust, you should consider partnering with an expert, like Kanary.

Are pet products sourced from China really safe?

Yes. It's a myth that China products are unsafe, but that doesn't mean production issues don't exist. If your business is serious about making sure the pet products it sources from China will be safe for pets, you need to make sure you choose a quality supplier and you need to make sure that you have a firm grasp on monitoring quality control.

If your business isn't positioned to vet suppliers or have a hands-on approach to QA at a China partner factory, you should consider partnering with a specialist who can offer those kinds of services, like Kanary.

Will stainless steel dog bowls I source from China meet specific safety and regulatory requirements?

As long as you clearly communicate your design needs to a China factory, take the sampling process seriously, and have a hands-on approach to monitoring production, any product you source from China can meet regulatory standards, including stainless steel dog bowls.

Can Kanary source other pet products besides feeder bowls?

Yes. We are sourcing specialists that pride ourselves in being able to source any legal product your business needs from China. That includes a wide range of pet products, not just feeder bowls aimed at dogs, cats, and small mammals.

Can Kanary help me find niche pet products, like for small mammals, birds, or reptiles?

Yes. You may have found that finding a supplier for niche pet products is difficult, but Kanary can find a supplier for any product you want to sell. This may mean we find a niche factory that specializes in your product choice, or it may mean finding a factory that can create a prototype of a product that doesn't yet exist.

Is it safe to source wholesale pet feeding bowls from China?

Yes. As long as you find a quality supplier and monitor quality control, sourcing wholesale pet feeding bowls from China won't be any more dangerous than sourcing them from any other given country or factory. If you feel you want expert advice on how to vet suppliers or if you need a partner to offer quality control services, then consider partnering with Kanary.

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